Saturday, June 6, 2009

Three Jumps and 37,500 Feet Later. Kimberly Nocita on to Level Five! (If at first you don't succeed, don't try skydiving!)

It was a very busy and adrenalin-filled day for Dalcorp's Kimberly Nocita as she completed her next three levels of training towards her AFF (Accelerated Freefall) skydiving certification. The weather was perfect at the Perris Valley Skydiving School when Kimberly and her instructor, Pat McGowan, began the days "work." Brother AJ and roommate Lauren Paff were also there to support Kim on a day that would provide some exciting events. The AFF program consists of eight jumps, each building strategically on the one before it until the student is ready to leave the nest, or plane, on his or her own. Levels two through four focused on maneuvering and stable flight, two very important aspects of skydiving. Although, just about every aspect of skydiving is important considering you're jumping from an airplane at 12,500 feet and dropping at 120 mph!

Kim passed all three levels with flying colors (what else?) and even had to deal with a few minor problems with her openings and landings. All in all it was a great day. Once again, thanks, Pat for getting our girl down safely and with a big smile on her face. See you on June 28th, which just happens to be Kimberly's birthday! What a coincidence.

Going over some positioning exercises before
Kim's level two jump.

Nothing like bringing your sponsors along for
the ride.

Level two landing...lookin' good.

Thumbs up approval from Lauren and AJ.

Let's do that again!

A roommate moment between jumps.

I think Dalcorp needs one of these......Ol' Sharkey!

Are they trying to tell us something?

A little more wind; another good landing.

It seemed like Kim was enjoying herself...ya' think!

Part of the training includes getting more and
more familiar with your equipment. Here Pat
goes over some of the features on Kim's rig.

It was also time to begin suiting up by yourself. After
each skydiver puts on their rig, there are three
equipment checks, each performed by a different
person. It is definitely a "safety first" program.

This was a full flight. Heading up for level four.
No movie.

Pat wasn't as concerned about Kim's landing as
she was.

Another safe landing. It's all good!

Kim in the viewing room going over her jump,
but still time for a thumbs up.

Little brother AJ, Lauren, Kim and Pat celebrate
a good, safe day.

I know there's a commercial slogan here somewhere...
you fill in the blanks!

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