Saturday, June 6, 2009

Summit Race a Wild Ride for Dalcorp Racing. Jeff Hicky Pilots Selders Car in Testing.

Drag racing always presents a variety of challenges when you are running a car at a race. But when you run three cars as Dalcorp did last week at the Summit race at Irwindale, it's really wild! Back in the seat of the VW Manx was Wyatt Radke, just off his recent win at the Fontana Bug-in 34. AJ Nocita climbed into the GNP/BG Oil Chevelle ready to do battle in the Super Pro division and take on the heavy hitters of the class. Also out Sunday was Jeff Hicky, long time friend of Dalcorp and an accomplished road racer. Jeff recently made some test runs in the Manx and did very well, so it was time to move up to the turbo car. Crew chief Pat Selders installed a back up motor in the bug for the day so that Jeff could go out and have some fun. You'll see how much fun he had in the pictures below!

After the morning test runs, the Chevelle and the Manx seemed to be right on their numbers. Wyatt made back to back runs of 7.58 and 7.56 so we felt as though we had a handle on his car. AJ, after a morning clean out run of 6.79, ran 6.71, 6.70 and was on the tree with great reaction times. Wyatt went into first round with a 7.55 dial, hit the tree and took it right down the groove. The only problem was the car picked up and ran a 7.47 even with Wyatt lifting at the finish. You can't run faster than your posted dial in so it was "to bad, so sad" for the Manx. AJ took on his first round opponent knowing he had a car that could win the race. The other lane turned on the red light which gave AJ the win. Second round, AJ came up against one of the best racers in the class, Hugo Casals. Last time they met, AJ put him on the trailer with a great light and a near perfect run. When they left the line, they had identical reaction times of .536 (.500 being perfect) and the race was on. About half track, the Chevelle's transmission began to let go and AJ slowed to a 6.99 giving Hugo the win. And as the saying goes, "That's racin'."

All in all it was a good, safe day. Wyatt made a few more "time only" runs within .01's of each other showing the consistency of the Manx and his driving. Jeff had a smile on his face for most of the day, and AJ had done an awesome job driving, exhibiting great car control and stellar reaction times. A special welcome aboard goes out to our new crew member, Blake Wigley, who will be helping out at the shop and at the races. Great job Sunday, Blake!

Ready for action....

A lot of teams use a weather station to track the
air and barometric conditions. We go right to
the top. Dallas Raines talks over things with
team members Steve Warner and Andy Kolb.

The GNP/BG cars heading into their morning
test runs.

Even if you're the driver, you push. Driver Jeff
Hicky (R) found that out Sunday.

Wyatt and AJ sharing a moment in the lanes
before first round eliminations.

AJ "Boilin' the Balonies."

Wyatt was on his game....but the Manx was just
too fast!

"Pato" didn't have enough to do so he changed
the clutch in the bug. 30 minutes....done.

AJ was focused and drove well all day.

Grandpa Phil Wigley lookin' over Blake's shoulder
as he checks the tires for second round. "Leave
him alone, grandpa. He's doing fine!"

AJ up against Hugo Casals. They put on quite
a show.

Late in the day Wyatt was putting down some
consistent numbers.

On one of the final runs of the day, Jeff thrilled
the crowd with this wheelie. What the picture
doesn't show is that this was on the way up! Jeff
went so high that he ended up dragging motor on
the pavement! Jeff's comment after the run...
"I like wheelies." You're a drag racer, Jeff.

Who has more fun than we do?

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