Monday, October 19, 2009

Maranatha High School Celebrates Ten Year Reunion At AREA 51. Let The Good Times Roll!

Ten years goes by fast. Just ask the Maranatha High School Class of 1999. It was reunion time last Saturday night at AREA 51 and the good ol' times rolled as alums, spouses and friends gathered to celebrate a great chapter in their lives. DanThanh (Nguyen) Fields did a great job in pulling together the evening which included a picture presentation, slide show and various games that highlighted tv shows and movies from 1999. It's always fun to reunite with high school friends and catch up on the years that have passed since your graduation. The Maranatha group was no exception...the chatter went on non stop all evening!

Thanks for letting AREA 51 be a part of your celebration. See you in 2019!!

Sarah (left) helping DanThanh or "DT" ready
the check in table.

One of the early arrivals visiting with Kristy and
Marianne at "The Hoister Bar". Just a guess but
he might not have graduated with the class of 99'...

The hugs and conversations started early....

"DT" and her husband Michael getting their
picture taken in recognition of a job well done.

Victor of "Tacos La Paloma" provided a feast for
about 50 hungry souls. Awesome eats as usual!

The "Haz-Mat Head" got more attention from the
ladies than the men! Maybe we should switch

It's always smiles around "The Hoister Bar".

The picture presentation was great and got a lot
of laughs, oohs and ahs.

I bet this group was trouble about 10 years ago!

Lauren, Erica and AJ had to stop by even though
they weren't working. It may have had something
to do with Victor and the food...ya' think?

One of many, many photo ops.....

Sarah the emcee...great job!

Michael and "DT" is finished!

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