Monday, October 5, 2009

Surprise!!! Rick Salcido Turns 40!!! Family and Friends Celebrate at AREA 51.

Rick Salcido is a very blessed man. Last Saturday night family and friends gathered at AREA 51 to surprise Rick for his 40th birthday. And in doing so, they also gave us a bit of a surprise. We didn't know that we could have that much fun WORKING a party! As the guests arrived it was clear from the start that this would be a very special night. You get a "vib" as a party begins and this one had, as The Beach Boys put it, "Good Vibrations." Yvonne, Rick's wife, and her niece Angela did a fantastic job of pulling off what Rick would later call "one of the greatest nights of my life." Congratulations Rick and thanks Yvonne, Angela and Joe for letting us be a part of the celebration. We had a great time!!

Rick's wife, Yvonne, had arranged for the guests
to sign a framed copy of the invitation instead of
a guest book. Very nice.

Check out the slide show going on in the background
in the theater room. There were over a hundred
pictures put together of "Ricky" and his 40 years.

When the call came in that Rick and Yvonne were
only minutes away the excitement began to build.

Niece Angela (r) did a great job in helping to
organize the surprise even after injuring her knee
just days before the party.

I think there were more pictures taken before
Rick arrived than after!

Surprise!!! Rick said afterwards that as the door
was going up he first saw the motorcycles and
thought that Yvonne was taking him to pick out
a bike for his birthday. caption necessary.

....and then the tears....

Once out of the car, there were hugs all around.

Yvonne tells friends and family what it took to
pull off the surprise....but now it was time to

"The Hoister Bar" was cookin' all night.

"Tacos El Rincon Tapatio" provided some great
Mexican food cooked to order.

Yvonne...workin' the room.

Mernie and Erica kept things stocked up at
"The Hoister Bar". Great job, girls!

The boss behind the bar...Kristy Roblee.

"I'll have one of those, and one of those and...."

Rick and Yvonne....
Could you guys try and have a good time?

Rick giving the girls a thank you hug.

Besides being Rick's 40th, it was Yvonne and
Rick's 24th wedding anniversary. Hey Salcido's,
you got two parties for the price of one!!

Homer and the gang never miss a party.

She said she was just delivering them.....Better
check her ID!

There wasn't a shortage of desserts! And there
wasn't anything left over at the end of the night!

A toast to the birthday boy. Salute!!

Angela's husband Joe did an awesome job spinnin'
the tunes all night and had the party rockin' from
the start.

Happy Birthday, Rick. You're a lucky man!!!

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