Monday, October 12, 2009

"Run A Little Faster, Jump A Little Higher"...What a weekend!!!

"Jump a little higher...."

Last weekend the Dalcorp gang had a pretty busy few days, even by their standards. Some of you old timers will remember the "Keds" commercial from the 70's..."Run a little faster, jump a little higher." And that's just what went on, from Perris to Long Beach, it was runnin' and jumpin'. Kimberly Nocita spent three days out at Perris Valley and completed her requirements for her "A" license making 10 jumps and packing parachutes not only for herself but for her instructors! Now that's confidence in your teaching!! Included in the 1o jumps were 3 "coached" jumps where an instructor jumps with you and observes your free fall and landings. Also checked off the list was her "Hop n' Pop", a low level exit that simulates an emergency in flight situation where you would have to exit the plane early and deploy your canopy within a few seconds. Kim was given two thumbs up on all counts and received her license after only 33 jumps.

Here's a link to a few of Kimberly's jumps over the weekend. Congratulations Kim!
(Listen carefully to the student who jumps right before Kim on the 3rd clip. She tells her instructor that she thinks she's going to fall out....I thought that was the idea?)

Packing a parachute is a pretty physical undertaking.
By the end of the weekend, Kim had a new appreciation
for the school packers. "The jumping is the easy part."

"Montana" giving Kim some tips about making
sure her lines are straight.

Squeezing the air out of the canopy is Kim's favorite
part. Looks pretty comfortable, doesn't it?

Just like putting a sleeping bag back in it's case...

Giving her rig a final check...Looks good!

Now it's time for the fun part!

Kim sporting a new "Hot Bod" suit from Bev Suits.
I think she likes pink...

Loading up...

Talk about immediate gratification...when your
chute opens, that's gratification...immediately!

Sticking the landings.

Time to do it all over again. By the look on
Montana's face, this part must be important.

Student and teacher...Thanks, Montana!!

Kimmy getting her final instructions from Stuart
before her "Hop n' Pop".

Friend and instructor, Adi, with some final words
of encouragement. "Don't mess up, mate".

It's all good.

It all worked is good.

"Run a little faster....."

Early Sunday morning it was down to Long Beach for the Long Beach International City Bank Half Marathon where Margaret "Mahgy" Davis, Colleen Heublein, Erica Nocita and Marianne "Mernie" Chew took on the challenging 13.1 mile course. This was the first half marathon for Erica and Marianne so there were some nerves at the start. The gun went off at 7:15am and the four brave souls went into their strides and never looked back. When the race had been run, marathon veteran Mahgy Davis had again won her division with her running mate and daughter, Colleen, right by her side. Coming across the finish line with them was Marianne who had a strong finishing kick at the end. Erica was only a few minutes back and broke the tape with her arms in the air and a grin on her face!!

A marathon can be a very emotional event. Many of those who run them do so for a variety of reasons. Some dedicate their race to a loved one who's recently passed away. It may be that they've overcome a physical ailment, disease or addiction...whatever the reason, if you haven't experienced the emotions of one of these races, you should. Spectators line the course for miles and cheer on those who are running. Many are reduced to tears along the way or at the finish and it's not uncommon to hear the words "life changing" in the finishing area.

Way to go, girls...thanks for taking us along for the ride!

Sunday morning...5:30am...time to go!

Mahgy would get asked her age so many times
during a race that Colleen started writing it on the
back of her legs...saves a lot of time and energy.

"0-dark-30" in Long Beach heading to the starting

Mahgy and Colleen a little past the 6 mile marker.
Lookin' good!

It is amazing that Colleen can even run the race
with all the hats that she wears. She makes
sure everyone is registered, picks up credentials,
gets the gang to the start line on time (and also
in time to hear the National Anthem), paces and
encourages Mahgy and others along the way. Check
out her right hand...a cell phone. She calls and gives
updates as they're running, carries drinks, snacks
and supplements for Mahgy. They should have a
special "Support Class" just for Colleen!

See what I mean? She's on the phone checking
in as they pass by. Note the gentlemen on the
left. He is one of the organizers and couldn't
believe what he was seeing. 87? No Way!!

Not far behind...Mernie and Erica. You guys
look like you're having too much fun!

How many finish lines have these two crossed
together? And there's Mernie right along with
them. Great job!!

More medals...Mahgy, we need a bigger trophy

Kristy, Dane, Lindsay and Lil' Kass came down
to support the girls. Dane was watchin' for Erica...

The finish line! The woman running next to
Erica asked if she would run with her about a mile
and a half from the finish as she was fading fast...
and so was Erica. The two of them encouraged
each other and charged across the finish line.
Erica later called her "an angel that helped her

Erica's "angel" giving her a pat on the back...

...they celebrate at the finish.

Colleen looks like she could go around again;
Kristy making sure the cupcakes they handed
out were ok to eat. Good job, Kris!

Colleen, at least pretend that you're tired!!


It won't be long, Lil''ll be running with

Great grandma has raised the bar pretty high...

Four generations...

You have to teach them early to "represent".

After the race it was over to our friend Tom Agee's
house from some post race carbs and drinks.
Tom put on quite a was much
appreciated and so good!

Mahgy talking over the race with Kristy; Dane
lookin' at what's next to eat.

Tom on the left, his friend Susan and the rest
of the gang.

Colleen, Susan, Tom and Mahgy.

Thanks Susan and Tom. What a pit crew!

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