Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Together at last, NOCITA and PAFF are "WICKED" on stage!!!

After years of attending the same school in New York, living together in Pasadena and doing performances individually, Kimberly Nocita and Lauren Paff finally had an opportunity to perform together in a unique stage experience called PAZ NAZ's Got Talent. Showcasing talent from within the ranks of First Church of the Nazarene in Pasadena, audiences were entertained by several musical numbers, stand up comedy, a series of short sketches and three songs selected from the musicals "Chess" and "Wicked" sung by Nocita and Paff. Their renditions of "I know him so well" from "Chess", "What is this feeling" and "For Good" from the hit show "Wicked" had the audience feeling like they were attending a Broadway show. Thank you Kimberly and Lauren for giving us an evening to remember and congratulations on your first performance together. We can only hope it will be the first of many.

It's hard to capture a musical performance with pictures so here's a video clip of "What is this feeling" sung by Kimberly and Lauren. All three numbers are listed under the video section of the blog should you want to enjoy them all.

Thanks to all who helped make PAZ NAZ's Got Talent such a huge success and to those who performed over the three nights. We hope that you will do it again soon!

(We know there wasn't one automotive reference or picture of a motorized vehicle of any type in this week's blog. We'll be "back on track" next week!)

Kimberly and Lauren were very excited to finally
be performing together....can you tell?

First night attendees supporting Kimberly and
Lauren opening night. "Mernie" (center), Auntie
Bob and Grandma Mahgy.

Lauren, Judy Berry and Kimberly. Judy was
Kimberly's violin teacher for many years and has
always been one of her biggest supporters.

Sister Erica with "the stars" on Thursday night.

AJ and Kristy share a moment before Saturday
night's performance. They settled down for
the show.

....during the song, "I know him so well" from

Beautiful harmonies had the audience smiling
from ear to ear.

Bring out the performers!

....and the audience gets a thank you from the
cast and crew....

....take a bow!

Do you think Lauren enjoys performing? It was
hard getting her off the stage.

David Mimms paying Kimberly and Lauren
some very nice compliments.

There's always a level of excitement after a show
and much "downloading" to do...

Meetin' and greetin'...a favorite part of the
evening for any performer.

A hug from mom is always good!

Grandma, Kimberly, sister Kristy with baby ?,
Reggie, Lauren and a very proud mom.

Lauren and Kimberly posing with a piece of
artwork brought in by one of the area's sculptors.
Several artists had their works on display in the

Great show, girls! Let's do it again soon!

Kimberly and Lauren will both be in the upcoming
stage presentation of "It's A Wonderful Life" put
on by Cornerstone Theater at Pasadena First Church
December 1-22, 2009. This will be the second year
that this Christmas favorite will be presented
throughout the holiday season. Don't miss it!

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