Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Dave Scheidler Hits 60...At Speed Zone and AREA 51. Surprise party a winner!

It was a day of high energy and excitement for Dave Scheidler as a few of his family and friends took him to The Speed Zone for a little high revving fun. What Dave didn't know was that the rest of his family and a lot of friends were ready for Dave to make an unscheduled pit stop at AREA 51 for a surprise party to celebrate his 60th birthday. It's always fun to watch the guest of honor being driven into the party as their reactions range from grins, cheers and sometimes tears. But it was all grins for Dave as he slowly climbed out of the car, a little stunned, but able to give first hugs to his wife, Mary Sue, who organized the surprise stop. Congratulations, Dave on a successful race day and by the looks of all the grandchildren, a successful and blessed life. Happy Birthday!

AJ and Erica ready for the guests to arrive at
"The Hoister Bar."

Dave's wife, Mary Sue (r), was a little
excited as everyone waited for Dave's

The guest of honor....

They got ya', Dave!

Mary Sue gets first hugs. Well done, Mrs. Scheidler!

Brian and Mary Sue listen as Dave downloads
a bit.

Grandpa Dave makin' the rounds...

More downloading....I think Dave might have
a little Italian in him.

The kids had the hot spot!

Gathering for prayer before dinner.

Victor from Tacos La Paloma made sure that
Dave didn't go away hungry! Great job as always,

There's always a little fun to be had at the expense
of the birthday boy at cake time.

....think these kids are ready for some cake?

Now that's concentration!!!

Dave had plenty of help opening his gifts.

Happy Birthday, Grandpa!!!

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