Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Hernandez Schaedel & Olson Celebrate At AREA 51. Christmas never tasted so good!!

One of our favorite times of the year for parties is of course, Christmas. And this year went beyond our expectations when Erica Nocita catered the Christmas party dinner for the law firm of Hernandez Schaedel & Olson. The "Surf n' Turf" dinner was done to perfection along with an array of appetizers and desserts that would make any five star restaurant jealous. About 25 gathered on the evening of the 13th for a time of relaxed conversation, a round or two of "Pomegranate Cosmo's" and a beautifully prepared dinner. As after dinner cocktails were being served, it was time for a little friendly competition on the reaction time simulator where the winner would be rewarded with a paid day off. The action was "fast and furious" as our own Kimberly Nocita, who works for the firm, and Agnes Markarian battled it out in the finals. When the parachutes deployed it was Agnes winning the event as Kim turned on the red light and was disqualified. Congratulations Agnes...keep this up and we might have a ride for you in 2010!

Kristy waiting on her sister as the party begins.
(I wouldn't get to comfortable with this set up, Kim)

Erica's famous "Ensalada Caprese."

Anything with Prosciutto wrapped around it
has to be good!

"Pomegranate Cosmo's"...well done Kristy!

Don and Kathy Hernandez.

Checking out the Good Neighbor Pharmacy Cobalt.

Be careful, Marianne. That's the boss!

Erica with her capable staff...Kristy, Marianne,
and Lauren.


Everyone had advice for all the racers.

You can't argue your way out of a red light! The
Christmas tree doesn't lie!

When the race is on the line it doesn't matter
who's in the other lane, even if it's Mr. Olson...
as in Hernandez Schaedel & Olson.

Check out the left lane... .505! These guys are

Mr. Olson picking on another girl...this time it's
Jennifer. Same results?

Kimberly and Agnes with our head of security.

Mr. Olson used a starting line tactic to relax that
we've never seen before...a nice Cabernet!

Don and Kathy, husband and wife, racing each
other...this can't be good.

Hernandez Schaedel & Olson, LLP...and the team!

Val and Kim having a moment.

"Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!"

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