Thursday, December 10, 2009

"X"avier Marks The Spot At AREA 51! Family and friends gather for 50th surprise birthday party.

When Aurora Vintimilla began planning her husband's 50th birthday celebration, she had no idea how hard it would be. It turns out Xavier isn't the easiest guy to surprise. Family and friends had to go into a "secret mission mode" that would have made any CIA or FBI agent proud. But it was all worth it when Xavier finally made his way into AREA 51 and the party began...and this family knows how to party! It seemed like they were dancing BEFORE they got to the party! Joe, the family DJ had everyone rockin' from the beginning and it didn't stop 'til the last note of the last song. Gloria's Riquisimas Taquizas provided a fantastic selection of Mexican fare which lasted for hours! This gang not only knows how to dance, they can eat! What a great night of celebration, laughter, family, friends, food and drink. Thanks for inviting us to be a part of it! Happy Birthday, Xavier!

Check out the banner that Xavier's wife had
made for "The Hoister Bar." Very cool.

Lots of huggin' and smilin'...

....still better check her ID...

Erica and Kristy with the birthday boy.

This was the action all night. You guys need to try
and have a little more fun!

...I think he means it!

...a moment between husband and wife. It's
all good.

Mernie, Kristy and Erica did a great job all night.
I think they had as much fun as our guests!

I think Xavier (center) was having a good time.

The old folks out partied the young folks....
go figure.

Happy 50th, Xavier! You're a lucky man!!

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