Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Becky and Chris Shevlin - A Class Act.

Well, election day in Monrovia has come and gone, but not the smiles on the faces of Chris and Becky Shevlin. About 60 to70 people gathered at AREA 51 to watch the election results come in and hopefully celebrate Becky's election to the city council. Unfortunately, about 20 votes kept Becky from being voted in, but that didn't dampen the spirits of Becky, Chris or anyone else that attended the party. As Chris summed up in his address to the many friends and family that came to support Becky, "We ran our campaign with dignity, honesty and we have know regrets." Becky will continue to be involved with her many volunteer positions in the city and will more than likely be appointed to a 2 year term on the council. Good for Becky, but better for the city of Monrovia. Thanks Becky and Chris for all that you do for Monrovia and for so many others. You guys are the best!!

Becky Shevlin arrives to meet and greet her
supporters. It was time to enjoy the evening
after a long campaign.

Even with the results coming in, Becky was relaxed...

Mayor Hammond being interviewed on KGEM.
He's stepping down after this election; he will
be missed!

Everyone was glued to the results as they came could cut the tension in the room with
a knife!

....a close race...

Just a sampling of the hundreds of people that
were in support of Becky Shevlin throughout
her campaign.

Lots of hugs were the order of the night.

Becky's husband, biggest supporter,
and campaign manager, Chris, getting
a well deserved hug.

Becky addressing her friends and family...a moving
moment to say the least.

A few final words from Chris...also from the heart.

A special thank you from Becky. When Becky
says thank you, you know it!

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