Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Johnnie Walker turns 40! No, not the Scotch!

Our good friend, Johnnie Walker, turned forty this past March and decided he needed to throw himself a party. So AREA 51 got the call and it was "10-4, JW, let's roll code 3." John is a police officer and we always enjoy having law enforcement in the house, especially when they are friends of ours. A group of John's friends and co-workers came and supported John in a variety of ways, the best being the presentation of his very own "Johnnie's Walker." Man, with a name like that, the fun and pun's are endless! It was a great night of sharing stories about John and some of his many adventures in law enforcement and the security field. Needless to say, AREA 51 was safe that night! Erica Nocita's "Bitchin' Kitchin'" did the catering and the food was awesome. No one left hungry, that's for sure! Happy Birthday John! See you at 50?

Ready to party....

Erica prepared an awesome deli spread for all
to enjoy. The pasta salad was to die for!

....a "Hulk" to be?

Johnnie using his "walker"...We have to admit,
this thing was awesome!

Kristy and Erica...."Do you guys live here?"

Rob and Cathy enjoying a moment...

John addressing his guests...a very special time.

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