Wednesday, April 1, 2009

John Nolan turns 90!! Celebration a first for AREA 51!!

It isn't often that surprise parties surprise the gang at AREA 51. Maybe we haven't seen it all, but we've seen most of it! However, when John Nolan came through the doors and into the arms of the friends and family waiting to celebrate his 90th birthday, WE were surprised! John Nolan looked like a man turning 65 or 70, not 90! As he greeted his loved ones, the stories began almost immediately about his past and the many, many adventures of his life. His daughter, Debbie Russo, who made the arrangements for the party, had a permanent smile on her face for most of the evening as she watched those around her father enjoying their time with this very blessed man. Another friend put together a picture cd that took us through John's life, literally from birth to the present. It was beautifully narrated by his wife and left those of us who had never met John feeling like we were part of the family. Debbie also made sure that her dad's favorite meal was served, the pot roast dinner from Sierra Madre's The Only Place in Town Cafe. What a very special evening for a very special family. Congratulations and Happy Birthday John Nolan....and thanks Debbie for including us in your celebration!

Some of the gang waiting for John's arrival.

Enter the birthday boy!

John Nolan stood frozen for quite a few moments
taking it all in....

Lots of cheers and tears.....

The man, John Nolan.

John was in the car business for many years
on Colorado Blvd. in Pasadena. Cool Cake!

The guest of honor always gets "The Header Chair!"

Debbie Russo addressing friends and family.

Debbie had arranged a call for her dad
from a special relative that wasn't able to attend
the party. She thought of everything...

John's life story on cd. He's packed a lot of life
into his 90 years!

Debbie having a little fun with dad.

There was still time to do a little bench racin'
with some of the guests.

Dad, Daughter, Mom and Son...what a night!!!

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