Friday, April 10, 2009

Margaret Davis leads Dalcorp effort in "Derby Day 5K" - Winning effort marks comback after injury.

Just about the time that you think Margaret Davis, or "Mahgy" as she is affectionately known by her family, has raised the bar as high as possible, she kicks it up another notch! Mahgy recently decided to run the 15th Annual Santa Anita Derby Day 5K Run and Walk event at the Santa Anita Race Track. I know what some of you are thinking; "5K? What's the big deal? She runs marathons!" Well, just a few weeks ago, Mahgy was in the emergency room of Foothill Presbyterian Hospital after falling while training for the Pasadena Marathon. She had a broken arm, scrapes, bruises and was in a tremendous amount of pain. But the first words out of her mouth (other than "Ouch!") were, "How am I going to run the Pasadena Marathon?". With the race just a couple of weeks away we knew she wouldn't be able to run given the pain she was in and being unable to train. What we didn't know was that as soon as she could start running again she would once again set her sights on a race that she has won several times in years past, The L A Marathon. Which brings us to The Derby Day 5K....just a little tune up for the marathon. She and her running mate and daughter, Colleen Heublein, once again smoked the field and Mahgy won her class easily. After picking up her medal and winner's package, she and Colleen headed off to do another 8 miles or so as part of their training for the LA race. Mahgy, you're killin' us!

What also made Derby Day very special was that a group of Mahgy's grand kids, their boyfriends, husbands, friends...everyone and anyone, also ran the event. Do you think grandma has had an effect on this family? I'm tired just thinking about it!!! Once again, way to go Mahgy!!!

Kristy and Erica heading out at the start of the
race. It was Erica's first 5K!

"Mernie", Kristy and Kimmy running through
The Arboretum. Mern and Kim won "Most colorful
runners" award!

At the finish....Erica is used to only going a
quarter mile...but she made it!

Kim and Mernie look like they could go around

....they almost kept up with grandma...NOT!

I wonder how many miles these two
have logged together? Congratulations
Mahgy and Colleen!

You must have your finishing latte at the end
of every 5K...

Even the trumpet guy wanted his picture taken
with Mahgy!

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