Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Test at Irwindale Provides Chills, Thrills, and Memories.

Normally when the team goes testing, it's pretty straight forward. Arrive at the track, unload the cars, test the cars, load the cars and go home. Our last test day at Irwindale Dragstrip was all of that an then some. Over the past several years we have been donating an "Arrive and Drive" package to a variety of fundraising events in and around the area. The package includes coming to the track, a tour of the track and instruction on the staging process, getting checked out in our 1964 SS Chevelle, your helmet, jacket, and all necessary safety instruction. Then it's up to the starting line for a blast down the yourself! Pat Olivas was the lucky recipient of such a package from his wife, Millie, who had won the adventure at a YMCA fundraiser about two months ago. Pat did a great job and got to make two passes down the strip 'cause he didn't hit anything on the first one!! Way to go Pat. We hope you had a good time!

The Good Neighbor Pharmacy/BG Oil Products Cobalt made some very impressive first runs on the new motor and Erica did a great job keeping the car in the groove running a 6.80 e.t. right out of the box. She also made some great passes in the Chevelle and had a little fun with Ron "Ronnie Racer" Walker as the two matched raced several times in the afternoon. At the end of the day it was Erica - 3 wins, Ronnie - 0. But Ron will be back! Watch out Erica...seems like there's always a Ford chasing you!

The day also marked the return of Kristy Roblee, back behind the wheel of the car she had driven to high school and had raced for many years. Since giving birth two years ago to her son, Dane, Kristy hasn't had the time to get back behind the wheel. But after just two passes she was back and put down the best numbers of the day, even a tad quicker than Erica! Nice job Kris; we're ready when you are!

Lastly, Keith Brown also made his debut in the Chevelle as he wanted to try his had at burning a little rubber. More on that next blog....

Pat Olivas getting checked out in the cockpit...

Pat and Millie sharing a moment.

Erica giving Pat some final instructions...
"Don't hit anything or my dad will be mad!"

Pat's first pass. Check out the front wheels!

Pato bringing Pat into the beams for his second
run., did you have a good time, Pat?

Great job, Pat!

Erica breakin' in the new motor. Who has more
fun than Erica?

It was great to see Kristy back behind the wheel
of the car that she drove to high school and
used to race.

Right down the middle....

"Mom, now you be careful out there!"

Dane did a little driving in the pits..., work, work!
Ron Walker lookin' for Erica....
...he didn't have to look far. "There she goes, Ron!"

Round two...same results.

3 and 0, this time with the Cobalt. "You
need some tires, Ron!"

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